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JAllInOne is an ERP/CRM java SOA based application having a Swing front-end. It is a Rich Internet Application so the front-end can remotely comunicate with the server-side layer of JAllInOne via HTTP protocol.

In addition, it is available a second application, named JAllInOne Mobile, a web application tuned for mobile devices, used to manage warehouse: in/out delivery notes, validation of barcodes/serial numbers/item codes, inventory management.

Finally, there is a third application, named JAllInOne eCommerce, a web Ajax based application, designed to work with JAllInOne ERM/CRM and used to manage an eCommerce site: brands, categories, items, shopping cart, orders.

JAllInOne application was developed in a few months thanks to OpenSwing capabilities: this is a development framework that allows to create RIAs with a GUI having very complex contents with low development time.

Response time over Internet is good, thanks to the limited amount of bytes that go through the net: only data is transmitted between client and server, no presentation content is transmitted over the net, as for HTML based web applications.

Client application is launched through Java Web Start utility (included in JRE distribution); only the first time JAllInOne is invoked the client application must be downloaded from the server: after the first download, client application resides in the client machine. Java Web Start automatically sinchronizes client application when new releases are available in the Application Server.

Server-side application can be runned using 2 alternative technologies:

  • Java Servlet - it does not require an EJB container, so JAllInOne server side application can be executed inside any Web container, such as Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, etc. and using any java version starting from release 1.4. Java Servlet version (classic version) is ideal when developing application functionalities: development is faster with respect to other technologies and business logic is reusable also with the SOA version, where beans are managed as Spring beans
  • Mule open source ESB - business logic can be executed for instance within Tomcat using java 1.6, by embedding Mule ESB within the JAllInOne web application; this is a SOA solution that open the JAllInOne services (about 200 JAX-WS web services having more than 2000 web methods) to the rest of world, by allowing to customize business logic using SOA capabilities (external BPM, EDM, etc.).

JAllInOne Mobile application is a a multi-language web application tuned to run in light devices, such as PDAs or light devices having barcode readers, in order to manage warehouse tasks in a fast way, thanks to JSP and AJAX technologies.

JAllInOne eCommerce application is a multi-language web application tuned to run on the most popular browsers, in order to manage fastly the typical e-commerce operations (catalog browsing, shopping cart, order), thanks to JSP and AJAX technologies.

JAllInOne, JAllInOne Mobile and JAllInOne eCommerce are strongly coupled, since they use the same database and business logic.

JAllInOne ERP/CRM features
Unlimited number of lines of business, brands and item hierarchies, Items, Item variants and sub variants, Barcodes support, Minimum stocks, ABC classification and items reordering, Bill of materials and production, Sales and Point of sale, Purchases, Warehouse, Orders tracking, Expirations and payments, Accounting, Agenda, CRM, Customers and contacts hierarchies, Spare parts catalogue, Callouts and appointments management, Document management, Users and roles management, database schema management, grids and forms customization, reporting solution based on Jasper Report, reports customization, embedded ETL import processes (for items, supplier items, customers, sale pricelists, supplier pricelist), with manual and scheduled activation.

Multi-user, multi-currency, multi-company, multi-language (currently are available full translations for english, italian, german, croatian and russian).

JAllInOne installation is simplified by means of a wizard automatically invoked the first time the application is remotelly accessed.

JAllInOne Mobile features
In/out delivery notes, validation of barcodes/serial numbers/item codes, inventory management.

JAllInOne eCommerce features
Browsing through brands and lines of business, fast search, catalogue navigation, items list, most recent items, items with promotions, items per price range, shopping cart, order management, anonymous and logged user management.
Available also an ad-hoc version for iPad.

What's new

If you are interested on this product, you could contribute by providing translations for other languages than english, italian, german, croatian and russian: if interested, please contact the author

2011-12-03 JAllInOne release 2.8.2 is available for download.

In this version:
Fixed problem with popup menu in item types frame and in the items tree: now insert/update/delete commands
are enabled only if the logged user has the grant for these operations.
Fixed problem in users frame: now the setting of the user's roles is allowed only if the user has the grant
for the edit operation.
Fixed problem with item lookup in "Print labels" feature.
Added "set image" command in item types frame, in order to set an image for hierarchy levels, used in the eCommerce web application for iPad.
JAllInOne eCommerce:
- improved page layout with Internet Explorer
- fixed some rendering problems with Internet Explorer
- created ad-hoc version for iPad

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